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It’s not a cooker.
It’s a cook.

Robocook is an intelligent electric pressure cooker with Programmable Intelligent Cooking.
It uses heat and pressure intelligently to take the pressure off you.

Why choose Robocook?

One of the world’s favourite kitchen appliances. And now, India’s top selling electric pressure cooker. That’s because the Geek Robocook is one of the simplest, easiest buying decisions ever.

Does Everything

Geek Robocook is an automatic electric cooker that does 11 things, including sauteing, steaming, slow cooking, baking, and pressure cooking. You’ll have more reasons to be happy with it than you can imagine.

One Touch Cooking

Geek Robocook has inbuilt preset menus for popular Indian dishes, ready to make your favourites with one touch programming.

Biriyani? Sambar? Pasta? All easy as pie.

Indian, Chinese, continental, experimental… Geek Robocook electric multi cooker lets you enjoy variety like never before.

For everyone who likes food

Geek Robocook doesn’t care if you’re a pro cook or a rookie who doesn’t know a spoon from a ladle. It automatically produces perfect dishes for you, every time.

Leisure & peace of mind both

Geek Robocook has 7 safety features for complete protection. It is also among the healthiest ways to cook because it helps preserve nutrition.

Range of accessories to choose from

Pots, lids, ladles, mitts, racks and many more exclusive accessories and spares are available for Geek Robocook.


Robocook Zeta

The essential kitchen assistant. It’s one electric pot that has 1l different functions, and enough presets to cook delicious meals with minimal fuss, and maximum taste and nutrition. It’s safe, it’s smart, it’s exactly what you need.

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Make steamed rice and delicious fish curry with Geek Robocook Zeta Automatic Electric Pressure cooker
Geek Robocook Digi Automatic Electric Pressure cooker makes yummy chicken momos


Robocook Nuvo

This automatic electric pressure cooker is our ode to all the masterchef’s out there. Robocook Nuvo lets you explore & experiment a whole range of cuisines & dishes.

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What are you going
to cook with

We’ve put together some amazing recipes from different
cuisines that you can make with Robocook in no time. It’s time
to bring out the Masterchef in you.

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Cooking is about to become easier & more exciting. Join our Facebook group to connect with fellow explorers of automated cooking. It’s full of exciting recipes, how to videos and inspiring ideas and stories

People are doing awesome things with their Geek Robocook automatic electric pressure cookers. Watch these interesting stories brought to you straight from the kitchens across India.

Geek Robocook Automatic Electric Pressure cooker App screens with recipes Geek Robocook Automatic Electric Pressure cooker brand mandala Geek Robocook Automatic Electric Pressure cooker brand mandala

Do more with the
Geek Robocook App

Indian, Chinese, Continental and a whole lot more. Explore 1000+ exclusive Robocook recipes in the Geek Robocook App and become a sought after cook.


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